A collection of 1000 islander NFTs, inspired by Nouns.

1 collection item is sacrificed by a vote every day. Last one standing gets the proceeds from the sale.


Is The Island live yet?

No, the Island still in development. Coming Fall 2022.

How does it work?

Every day, only once a day all the holders of the collection can vote to sacrifice one item in the collection. After 999 days, the owner of the final NFT can claim their prize: the total amount of the sale of all the items in the collection.

A few details are still being decided, like should those who are voted out be given a new NFT or simply have theirs deleted.

Specific details will be released as they are decided.

How much does it cost to join the game?


Are there any other rules?

Smart contracts enforce that all the funds from the sale can only move when there is only 1 holder left. Other than that, anything is allowed: creating teams, betraying your team, using flash loans to buy+vote+sell, using MEV to react to votes before they are calculated... anything on chain.

What if there's a tie at the end?

TBD. A running idea is those who have been voted out can break the tie.

Do the creators of the The Island have the ability to mint their own for free?

No. Creators retain 0 control over the project once its in the wild.

How do I get updates?

For now... follow @Shegenerates on twitter. More details coming soon.